About The Podcast

Waiter Crusaders & Glen Nadeau

I'm Glen Nadeau and this is Waiter Crusaders – the restaurant world behind-the-scenes like you’ve never heard it before. Just when I think it’s all been said, I interview every type of waiter crusading towards a bigger dream of their own and I highlight the crazy stories they have to tell. From full-time servers, chefs, and sommeliers, to part-time stewards with full time dreams – Waiter Crusaders serves it up and spills the tea all over the enchanted world of hospitality!

Glen Nadeau has worked in restaurants for 20+ years – from small-town family eateries in rural Vermont to the upper crust restaurant districts of Southern California. Hospitality is in his blood and restaurants hold a very special place in his heart.

He's happily married to his own personal chef, indie musician, and creative director, Gregory Douglass. Glen loves happy hours, dinners out with his closest peeps – and drag queens, of course. 

The Waiter Crusaders podcast has been a longtime dream of Glen’s to launch. What better time to shine a light on the world of hospitality in this strange and uncertain COVID-19 era? He can’t wait to find out what the “new normal” will look like…