Brett Talbot

Show Notes:

Brett Talbot is a film writer and front of house jack of all trades! Today he spills the tea on a memorable Sunday brunch, how Vegas changed his life, and the most important lessons he’s learned from the pandemic. 

Brett shares how comparing movies with cheese honed his film-writing craft and hilarious tale of using denim napkins as masks. 

Tune in to get a dose of inspiration to kickstart your day. 


[0:39] About Brett Talbot, a snippet of his Journey 

[2:01] Why he used to compare movies with cheese 

[2:25] What inspired Brett to dive into the restaurant world 

[4:36] Hope and dreams that Brett is crusading towards 

[6:53] Brett shares what it's like being "In the weeds." 

[13:33] Brett opens up on his work romance relationships 

[14:27] Brett suggest one thing that customer should be doing 

[15:40] Brett's favorite restaurant 

[17:00] Brett's shares his take on COVID-19 

[19:30] Brett talks about his personal crusade 


"I wanted to have done something well enough to help someone else to be better than me." 

"Movies are like American cheese. It's good; you're not gonna remember it, you're not gonna love it, you're not gonna hate it, but it gets the job done." 

Restaurants Mentioned: 


The Buckeye: