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Cooper Lawrence is an Actor, Writer, and Bartender. You might already know him as Benny in the last season of HBO’s Ballers. Today he spills the tea on loosing a contact lens on the job without loosing his shirt, the dangers of ordering an extra spicy drink, and why strengthening industry relationships through his serving job could lead to his next big break. 

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[1:00] Cooper talks about how he dove into the world of restaurants  
[2:22] Cooper shares why his crusade drives him so 
[3:40] The most hilarious story ever experienced as a bartender 
[5:22] Cooper reveals the embarrassing moment of when he lost his contact lens 
[7:56] Cooper shares what it's like being "In the weeds" 
[10:49] Cooper shares the one thing that can dramatically improve customer behavior  
[11:04] Cooper suggests an acceptable percentage of tipping in the US 
[12:35] If you order something and it comes out wrong, what would you do?  
[14:18] Cooper shares how COVID-19 is impacting his creative life 
[16:48] What Cooper feels most grateful about in these trying times 
[17:26] Cooper shares what's next in his personal crusade 


"Most of my income does come from acting, but I'm not at a point in my life where I feel comfortable giving up a part survival job yet." 

"Working in a restaurant is unbelievably creative". 

"The more experience I get in the world, the less I'm in the weeds". 

"If you can't tip, you can't afford to go out and eat". 

"During this Quarantine... I have been more inspired and creative than usual." 

"After this is over it's going to be like a roaring ’20s again. Work is going to be showcased, you're going to hear from artists you never heard of, and that's an amazing way of thinking".

"I'm grateful for my inspiration for creating and writing. I'm grateful for looking inward. I'm grateful for the people on the frontline. I'm grateful for the immediacy to connect with people. And the people I haven't spoken to, I now speak to on a daily basis."

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