Josh Kopel

Show Notes:

In this episode of Waiter Crusaders, we chat it up with Josh Kopel, a Michelin-rated restaurateur, and host of the Full Comp Podcast. Josh owns PREUX & PROPER, a famous restaurant in downtown Los Angeles recognized, featured on renowned publications like EATER, Los Angeles Times, and Food Republic. He was also awarded a Bib Gourmand Accolade by Michelin Guide Los Angeles 2019. Relentless of pursuing quality, hospitality, and personality in the restaurant industry, Josh is prepared and equipped with knowledge and experience to set an example for future restaurants. Today, Josh dives into his own experiences, insights, and what he believes is the future of hospitality. 

Pandemic, Health Care, and Ideologies 


After 40 years in the industry without subsidized health care and retirement, Josh is puzzled how the gig economy has existed for this way for so long. 


Josh is a servant at heart, and explains the importance of team, family, culture, and community. 


For the first time in his life, Josh thought he was screwed, but everyone is trying to figure out how to survive. 


Is this pandemic a blessing or a curse? Josh believes you must see the opportunities first. 


Josh admitted he lied to be an experienced worker in an interview when getting his first job at a bar. 


Josh decided to open up a bar in Hollywood, strategically staffed with people from Louisiana. 


Josh explains how he wanted to cater to those who hadn’t yet been crushed by the world yet. 

Pandemic Insights 


Josh asks the question: what if he did what he has always wanted to do instead? 


The real “aha” moment to come out of the pandemic for Josh. 


Josh explains the hurdle is not the money; it’s empowering yourself to do things that your heart truly desires. 


Josh does not know what the future looks like, but he hopes restauranteurs become more transparent about a few key things. 

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