Kaitlyn Defelice

Show Notes

Kaitlyn Defelice is a core fitness instructor by day and Venice, California server by night. Today, she spills the tea on how she once used her sex appeal to get even with a co-worker, what happens when you get way too stoned around your boss, and why crusading towards daily happiness is so important to her. 

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[00:49] Introduction 
[1:41] What Kaitlyn is crusading towards these days 
[2:07] Kaitlyn dishes about being "in the weeds" 
[3:52] The most embarrassing moment in Kaitlyn's serving career 
[5:28] Kaitlyn dishes about her work romance relationship 
[6:38] Kaitlyn shares a hilarious story about a questionable customer 
[8:42] Kaitlyn shares what she wants to change in customers 
[10:17] Kaitlyn's opinion on the standard tip rates in the US 
[12:16] Kaitlyn’s favorite restaurant these days 
[12:44] Kaitlyn shares some fresh insights on maintaining sanity during a pandemic 
[15:00] What Kaitlyn feels most grateful for in times of crisis 
[16:52] Kaitlyn shares what's next in her personal crusade 


"Serving has allowed me to pursue different passions while making an income." 

"My main crusade is always to find happiness in everyday life." 

"If we try to be more solution-based than problem-based, we can find things to brighten our day during this period of time." 

“Allow yourself at least 15 minutes a day to keep yourself abreast of what's going on in the world – and then turn it off. Switch it to positivity." 

"Mother Nature is absolutely thriving right now. Try appreciating the beauty of wherever you live." 

"This is the kind of sign where you realize you can't plan for the future. You make plans, and god laughs. You can't really predict what's going to happen." 

Restaurants Mentioned

Scopa: https://www.scopaitalianroots.com