Kristina Hemphill

Show Notes

Kristina Hemphill is a bartender and Los Angeles-native – which are often referred to as “unicorns" in our transient city. Today, she spills the tea about a disruptive opera-singing customer, why her previous restaurant had a “crying closet,” and how parallel her crusade to becoming a phycologist has been to her bartending experiences. 

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Conversation Highlights:  

[1:08] Kristina talks about her journey and what inspired her to get in the restaurant world 
[3:03] Kristina shares her personal crusades 
[5:25] Kristina dishes about her "in the weeds" experience 
[7:05] Kristina shares her most embarrassing moment as a server 
[9:40] Kristina suggests one thing that customers should be doing 
[12:10] Kristina opens up about some of her biggest “spills" ever 
[14:34] Kristina's recommendation on an acceptable tip percentage in the US 
[15:30] If you order something and it comes out wrong, what would you do? 
[17:15] Kristina's favorite restaurants & bars 
[18:34] Kristina's perspective about the impact of COVID-19 on local restaurants 
[21:53] Kristina shares what's next on her plate of personal crusades 


"If you can afford to get a steak, you can afford to tip." 

“When it comes to workplace romance – the smaller the restaurant, the quicker everyone knows."  

“What people don't realize about serving trays is that there's a center of balance – so when you move one glass, the whole tray changes." 

"People don't realize how many small businesses are struggling, so it's hopefully a reminder for people to keep supporting their locals". 

“It’s great to have a side-gig no matter what. Even if you have a solid job, you can do something on the weekend and have fun doing it." 

Restaurants Mentioned

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