Lena Yankina

Show Notes

Lena Yankina is a former server turned restaurant accountant! Today she spills the tea on heavy make-out sessions in the walk-in fridge, how to befriend intimidated new hires, and why finding inner purpose is more important to her now than ever before. 

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[00:40] Lena's introduction and what her quest for inner-purpose is all about 
[4:44] An embarrassing moment that Lena just can't get off her mind 
[7: 44] Lena dishes about a hilarious story regarding a coworker 
[9:53] Lena dishes about her work romance relationship 
[11:35] Glen asks Lena's opinion about the one thing that she wants to improve 
[15:05] Lena's perspective about what's happening in our world today 
[16:37] What Lena feels most grateful about during such trying times 
[17:00] Lena shares what's next in her own inner-personal crusade 


“This is the perfect time to try something new. There's no better time." 

"I'm starting to believe that everyone has a purpose. I want to find my purpose and feel the excitement of waking up every day going to work to make a difference." 

"Maybe I need to stop my everyday routine and reconnect with myself – with what I'm doing, why I'm doing it, and question if it is something I actually enjoy doing." 

"I try to appreciate little things in my life. Like the fact that I'm still healthy today." 

Restaurants Mentioned

Yxta Restaurant: http://www.cocinasycalaveras.com/about-yxta