Monique Citro

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Monique Citro is a Vermont mover and shaker! Today she spills the tea on how a bar tap led to a scandalous surprise, how to make piles of cash at a casino and why building your own path in life will eventually pay off.    

Monique shares what led her to transition from becoming a broadcaster to a classic bartender and why she aspires to change the face of medical sustainability.  

Tune in to get a sneak peek at a bunch of fascinating stories that will make your day.  


[0:34] About Monique Citro and a snippet of her journey 
[2:39] Monique talks about her personal crusade  
[5:42] Monique shares what it’s like being “In the weeds” 
[9:30] What Monique learned about the art of customer service during her hospitality days   
[11:55] The most hilarious story she ever experienced as a bartender  
[14:35] Monique suggests one thing that customers can do differently 
[19:15] Monique confesses to her work romance relationship affairs
[21:29] Monique’s opinion on an acceptable tip percentage in the US  
[23:57] If you order something and it comes out wrong, what would you do?   
[25:50] Monique’s favorite restaurant  
[27:06] Monique shares how she’s coping during these unprecedented times  
[30:34] Where to learn more about Monique 


“Word of mouth can kill a business.” 

“Being a bartender is like being a mother you forget how painful it is to give birth.”   

“If the person says they know the owner, they don’t know the owner.” 


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