Sam Vick

Show Notes: 

In this episode of Waiter Crusaders Podcast, we have invited Sam Vick, a free-spirited server with so much to dish about the service industry. She is writing her own memoir, and today, she spills the tea on inner restaurant entanglements, how her tattoos helped her start conversations, and how a renewed perspective is helping her find real purpose in life. 

Entering the Service Industry 


Sam entered the service industry for better money and flexible hours. She stayed in the industry because it's nice, and she loves the people she works with. The type of workplace enables her to easily meet new friends. 


Sam was working a desk job for four years in Florida, and the experience was stressful for her. She says there wasn't any room to move up or to improve.  She stayed in the service industry because she feels that putting in more work gets more money. 

Starting the Conversation 


Sam came to Los Angeles because of the opportunities it had, and there's a lot of different options for people. She initially wanted to write which she wants to get her foot in because of the type of networking that the service industry has. 


In the restaurant world, you never know who you're waiting on, but people give their cards if you get that conversation started. 


It's initially hard to start a conversation. When you are serving, there are people on tables that don't want anything to do with you, and they don't want you to speak to them. Sometimes they just want you to refill their water and serve their food. But there are other tables that actually take a genuine interest. 

In the Weeds 


Sam says that "the weeds" happen often. But it's really nice how helpful people can be and that if you ask for help or when you need help, they are always willing to help. 


When you're first starting a new job, it's always nerve-wracking because you have been doing this for a while, and you need to prove yourself to a whole new group of people. 

Sam's Embarrassing Moments 


During her first job, there were old ladies that were having iced teas, and one of them accidentally dropped their napkin under the table, and Sam tried to grab it for them and give them a new one. As she was standing up, she hit her head on the table, and a drink fell over, and she flew back. 


Sam saw somebody spill a glass of wine on a baby's head before, which was very funny to her. 

Romantic and Affair Stories 


At her first job, there was a male server who was the typical fraternity guy. Every time there was a new hostess, he gets with all of them, and they eventually thought that they were dating him. It was fun for Sam to watch that from the sidelines where the guy just gets himself in a huge mess. 

Training Customers 


Be kind and compassionate. Workers from the service or restaurant industry aren't slaves. It's their job to serve you but be nice. Sam personally feels that everybody should be in the service industry for a few weeks to see the ins and outs and what servers go through. 

Recommendations, Serving, and Ordering 


From being a server, you are just trying to make them not be stressed or do have them do much.  If Sam is trying to think of a drink, she'll ask them what they like, and she'll go with it because she always goes with the recommendations. 


As long as you put a drink in front of your guests, you just bought yourself plenty of time because they don't care at that point. 


When the server comes with a wrong order, Sam won't say anything. If she orders a medium-rare steak, but she gets an overcooked steak, she will still eat it because she doesn't like making an issue for the server, and she knows it's not their fault. 


Sam has had sweet guests in the past, and they apologize for speaking about their order being wrong. 

Sam's Favorite Restaurant 


Sam's favorite restaurant is the Elephante in Santa Monica. She likes the view, and even though the food is expensive, the cocktails and food are amazing, and the people are very nice. 

Thoughts on the Pandemic 


For Sam, it's extremely stressful. She's a pretty positive person in general, but there are some days where she wakes up with insane anxiety. It's just not knowing when it'll end is messing people up. She's furloughed from her job right now, and she's happy that she still has a job. 


Sam thinks that it's going to take a really long time for the economy to get back anywhere near where it was. 


Earth is finally able to breathe. There's something positive coming out of it. We're all not having the best time, but we're on a timeout right now. 

Appreciation and Gratitude 


Sam is so happy and thankful for her health and the people around her and their health. She's thankful that people are doing their part and doing what they're supposed to do. 

Personal Crusade 


For now, Sam is free-spirited. She's not putting a lot of pressure on herself to figure out what's she's going to do for the moment. For now, she's going to play by ear and day-to-day to figure out what she really wants to do and what her core values are in life.